Plant Ecology Field Course (BIO3753)

This course is offered through the Department of Biological Sciences of the Université de Montréal and focuses on vegetation analysis at UdeM’s biological field station. Fieldwork takes place at the beginning of September (five days), followed by practical work on data analysis in the fall.

The objectives of this course are to allow students to become familiar with vegetation sampling methods, including geomatic aspects; to understand the processes governing the distribution of plant communities (i.e. forest stands) at the biological station; to develop skills in analyzing vegetation data collected in the field and integrating it with other sources of geospatial data; to promote collaboration between students and teamwork; and finally to learn how to write a scientific report communicating the results of the research project.

In addition to undergraduate training, this course is also a great opportunity for graduate students who wish to gain university teaching experience (in French) by acting as teaching assistants (hired by the Department of Biological Sciences). Over the past few years, several members of LEFO have participated in this course, either as students or teaching assistants, sometimes both.

Functional Ecology of Plants (BIO3520)

This new course, from the Department of Biological Sciences of UdeM, will focus on the study of plant functional traits in an ecological context. It is scheduled for 2022.